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Finally threw on my new red group! Well r. derailleur is Rival and f. Derailleur is shimano. BUT!! Errythang is new! Can’t wait to rip around on this thang tomorrow!


I’m back to venting about “friends”.

I was just on the phone with mi amore. I told her about a comment a “friend” left on a picture I posted.
It upset me. No. I wasn’t sure if this comment was serious or not. I’m still not sure! I want to call or text this “friend” and ask if they were truly offended or not.
But my lady was like. “Dude, why are you wasting so much energy on this person?!” And pretty much real talked me for 15 minutes. I just keep going back to that shit! And that post I re-posted saying. “A lion doesn’t loose sleep over the opinion of sheep.” Echoes in my mind all the time!! Fuck. Just need to step back and really filter out these useless people in my life!

Clare has been telling me for weeks that Im an amazing person. And a great friend to everyone I meet. And she wishes I could see that. I mean I do! I honestly know I’m a good person. I give everyone in my life I’ve met, and had friendships with many chances when they do wrong. But seriously why?
It takes two to tango. And I feel.. I could be completely wrong. But I feel that I’m the one that’s always leading. And I never get anything back with these “friends” I have in my life.
I’m not the most popular person in the fixie world. Nor do I want to be. I don’t drink, and I don’t smoke weed. Maybe that is what’s keeping me from being liked by everyone. But I’d rather be friends with random people I’ll only meet once. That have a genuine heart. Rather than waste my time with people that judge on stuff that isn’t even me in the first place!

Ugh. Fuck you fake fucking people. One day I hope you can look at your own life. And see the hurtful things you’ve done to the people around you. Really truly see who the good people are. Because you can fool people only so many times until they get tired of your drama and games.

I might not be the best person. Hell probably writing thins might make me look like a hypocrite to some people. But at least I’ll learn from my mistakes when they’re brought up to me in person. I’ll try to better myself. Instead of just cracking open another beer and sending fake smiles to people that I feel like don’t matter…

Rant over. A long with pointless friendships.

LV Pedal Palooza Crit

Pedal Palooza Crit men’s 2/3

When registering for this race I had remembered what my homie Walton Brush(MASHsf/MikesBikes) said racing in the pro/1 category last year.
The course was really tight and he hadn’t rode in a race with that many crashes before. SO! I was going into this race with the mentality that rubber side down would need to stay true!
34 racers reg’d and the prize pot was 2,000 doll hairs. And placing was 20 riders deep! So I knew i could come away with my reg money and then some!
Nick Shaffer? From Marc Pro Strava was a familiar face I saw on the reg list. So I ran into him before the race and talked strategy. Going pretty much off the bat was the MO. And I was down with it.
It was an eight corner crit. And about fifty percent of the course was marked of with barriers. The rest were orange cones. There weren’t enough volunteers and it was noticed during this race. Not even three laps had gone by and some random druggy from the neighborhood made her way onto the course. I had stayed top 10-12 the whole time so I was able to avoid obstacle number one. Everyone else was spooked. The paced slowed. So I decided to attack. Brought the pace back up, and we were racing again.
Two laps later a car had made it’s way onto the course. Right up the block from the start/finish, just before turn one. “What the eff was the moto ahead doing?! Why weren’t the orange vests doing their jobs?!” This stayed in my mind when not even that lap was over when the same car had some way made it’s way to turn 8… What?!
The moto was horizontal behind it too! So it was either face plant onto the car or t-bone the moto. I had been fourth wheel at that moment so I bolted around three of the guys ahead of me and attempted another break. Guys that attacked with me were confused why still no one had been doin their job. ANYWAYS! The race continued. Two laps later Nick from Mark Pro had collided with yet another Ped at turn seven. Went down really hard and broke his nose. Some how though had enough to get back in the race and i believe finished top 15!
Sorry to jump ahead. After that accident a 35+ rider had attacked and held off the group for about 5 seconds. No one else looked liked they were in the mood to go after him. He kept his jump for about two more laps. Myself and a rider from team TR? Attacked. Caught the old dude and we had ourselves a successful break.
After about four laps the old dude fell off. The TR rider received a rear flat with six laps to go, but still was trucking up front with me! As we had one lap to go the peloton caught up with us just before turn seven. Turn eight is when I was passed by seven other racers. I placed 9th over all and am still waiting to receive my money prize.
This was a stressful race and I feel bad for Nick and his broken nose. This was for sure a good experience, but I doubt I’d do this race again. Hopefully Giuseppe was entertained! Haha

Back to the grind. #bicyclecoffeeco #deathbeforedecaf (at Bicycle Coffee)

Back to the grind. #bicyclecoffeeco #deathbeforedecaf (at Bicycle Coffee)

Looks like my long day of lay overs to Vegas aren’t gonna be too bad! Full row to myself!!

leeoncohen asked
nice, im volunteering the cx race, if youre down to ride to red rock canyon theres a nearby hotel that offers free breakfast to the cyclists every wednesday morning. let me know if you would wanna link up

I dont have any extra money to spend on the cx stuffs let alone to pay just to watch. thanks for the heads up though! i think i have a spot to lay my head down at.