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Its always great driving down the coast towards Monterey. You get to stop in the great outdoors of Fort Ord. Where your life isnt in danger at all! Just make sure to stay on the beaten path.

First race of the day was the cat 3/4 race. I felt as if this was a tightly knit group of teams. Squadra/Muscle Milk, Phase3 (old dudes), Leopard?, as well as Brite Sport, and Team Chica Sexy. I took off right at the start. Just because i didnt know what the 180 degree turn was going to be like so making that decision really helped me in the long run of the race.

I had been strategizing with my friend Robert Lander (City Bicycle works) about making moves for this really weird course. At the start finish there is a downhill to a 180 degree turn then on the opposite side of the course.. I believe the course marshall said it was three quarters of a mile away from the start finish. Well either way you had to go out to an additional 180 turn. This went on for 50 minutes and 6 laps… Back end of the course 180 below.

Once again Walton Brush (MASH SF) was up front perfect for sprinting position when we came back on bell lap from the back end 180. But we still needed to do the front end 180 to come back to the up hill finish. Walton has a secret power. Its called ignoring the suffering.. So when the group came to the final 180 he turned on the jets and took off. I was two riders behind him and i was trying to dig deep and attempt to bridge up and finish top three.  Naveen (Brite Sport) and an additional rider i forgot who he was had at least a full bike length on me when we all came to the finish. 5th aint bad on my part! Im stoked and i hope once Walton upgrades to a Cat 2 ill have more of a fighting chance!

I did the Cat 2/3 race 40 minutes after the 3/4 race… Lets just say i did some really awesome efforts the whole race but this dude named Byron. KILLED it on the bell lap and i was spent. I finished at the end or close to it. All in all it was an awesome day for racing and im still learning all i can about smart and technical racing.

Thanks to all of you for any and all support!

  1. hocroad said: enjoyed reading this race report, Steve! Keep it up!
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