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MASHSF was invited to Giros 1st annual Spring Sportive group ride. It’s possibly the most amazing weather, best people and awesome riding.
I was finally able to meet a lot of the dudes that make it possible for riders like myself to get product and continue to help support the brand while they help me stay lookin flashy!
It was an early weekend morning and I think I was half asleep driving down. I had never ridden this area of the southern Bay Area. Started in Scott’s Valley and it was a rad down and back. There was a half mile off road section where I went down and got a really made myself look pro! Haha but didn’t stop me from completing the ride.
The views from the top of Mt. Charlie were amazing. It’s so awesome that these Giro/Easton guys take their lunch rides up here all the time. I’m in the wrong business!
Lunch was provided by the local team SteelWul. Which I need to say all of those guys CRUSHED! I had only heard of the team from friends and I was honored to ride with such cool dudes and lady!
After lunch it was the climb up Eureka Canyon. Which the dudes throwing the ride said “let the dogs loose”. So I powered through it trying to make up for my rookie move in the dirt to show those guys it wasn’t my first day on a bike.
All in all I was still so stoked to be invited on the ride and I hope I made a positive impression to the Easton/Giro guys. Also hope to be invited again and rep Mash again but with some more homies.

Also Jim! Thanks so much for giving me the shorts! Made my drive home a lot more comfortable.

Thanks to all for the support.


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