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MASH SF Anniversary alleycat


Just like the young Drake song starts. “We started from the bottom now we are here” (white guy voice)
It took me the a third time to win this race. When Mash had it shop opening alleycat two years ago I came in so close. But Kyle Murphy was the winner for first fixed.
Last year I was defeated by Walton, Hern( predator cycles) and Kyle. Yeah forth! So I said “next year I’m going all out!”
The start was a across the street bike pile from the shop. Mel (CBNC) and a friend rode their fixed gear bikes with smoke bombs strapped to the chain stays. They past the eager racers as a green light to start the race.

Dylan Buffington (MASHSF) and myself routed pretty quickly and had a decent plan. Tank hill was the closest checkpoint to the shop but it was straight up 14th street. I feel like every year that’s always the street to start with.. 
I don’t believe I had ever gone up 14th so fast! I hope I got a KOM! Haha but Dylan and I crushed up the hill leaving kids eating our dust!
I slowly rolled away from Dylan and made it to Tank hill. I noticed peeps, including Dyaln were passing by the checkpoint. So I did the gentlemanly thing and yelled. As I was riding away from the check point of course! 
Quintana and 14th ave was the next stop. And thanks to Godspeed work I know the fastest routes around sunset heights. Thank you 15th and Aloha st!
Thee homie Alejandro Villarreal (Wolfpack Hustle SF) was at the Quintana CP and secured my thought of where Fort Funston was. And I was off. Of course hitting the red light at 19th ave. I wasn’t trying to get hit this race so I waited 10years until the light changed.
Then it was a long head winded flat “uphill” battle to reach Fort Funston. Daniel Velasco (MashSF) was there with a 20 dollar prime for me. Noticing that my tire had a hole on the side wall and my tube was saying “WHAT’S UP?!” So I was just PMAing the shit outta my tire to stay inflated and get me to the rest of the checkpoints and finish!
From Fort Funston was the most grueling. There was two ways to route from there. Either back north towards ggp/lands end check points OR straight east and knock out bernal, dog patch. SO! East it was.
I had wiggled from Lake Merced onto Brotherhood way, Sagamore st, San Jose to Cortland. Which I caught the coolest skitch! Dude in a Zantes pizza truck was super cool with towing me to the top! 
Thanks to TCB baby blues days I knew exactly where the Faith st. Bridge was. Cliff Macfarlane (TCB Courier) caught me when I was leaving Faith st. Bridge.
So we smoothly made our attack to 22nd street CalTrains next. Almost getting taken out by an ford explorer when we forced our way onto Pennsylvania from Cezar Chavez. 
Pier 14 was somewhat difficult to get to because more head wind while on 3rd street. But having Cliff there to pace was great! We did two block pulls and got to Pier 14 in no time.
I almost forgot about the China Banks checkpoint but last second turn around on Embarcadero was a good choice. Thanks to Cliff for making that left because I woulda been fucked! Haha leaving China Banks to Fort Point was quick stroll on Columbus, Bay St, Laguna, onto Marina blvd then straight to Fort point. 
We ran up the stairs headed towards the GGP visitor center. Which sucked  a lot. We had already crushed from one side of the city to the edge of the bay in under 30 minutes. Once at the top it was a quick and safe decent down Lincoln blvd. 
Cliff and I wiggled onto Geary and headed straight for Fort Miley.The legendary John Daniel Reiss (TCB Courier) was there to capture some epic shots. This checkpoint was hands down the shittiest climb ever! Saved the best for second to last. 
Last but not least it was a fast jump towards the Strawberry Hill checkpoint where Brandon Reif was there with a smile and a Zip tie. I was so exhausted to even say what’s up at that point! Haha
That was it! All I had to do was b line it to the finish. Chain of Lakes meadow. I had rolled by before heading to the mash store registration just to see what the best path woulda been. And it worked out in the end! I finally won this ding dang race! Haha
I’m almost done! Haha sorry this is a longer race write up. Cliff was about a minute behind me and came in first road.  Ryan Gallagher 2nd road and Rich Castillo 3rd geared.

Fixed was Derek “the killer” Yara (MASHSF/Ibis) 3rd, Zach Morvant (Wolfpack Hustle SF) 2nd, and yours truly for first.
imagestole the pic from Dylans instagram
Michael Martin has put in deep dent in this fixed gear society and without his and Gabe Morfords moves back in the day none of this stuff would’ve been possible. I’m so humbled to be able to race under such a powerful team for fixed adventures. 
So Mike I can’t thank you enough for another hard and super fun race!


Thee route


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